Supply Chain

We leverage our expertise and knowledge of local and global markets to support our customers and suppliers.

Delivering flexibility in your supply chain needs

Agilus Supply Chain Management is committed to the continual improvement of its services by leveraging our expertise and knowledge of local and global markets. We enthusiastically pursue our goals with a respect for our customers and suppliers, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and with uncompromising adherence to the highest Ethical Standards and Codes of Conduct.

The overall responsibility of Supply Chain Management (SCM) is for the administration of procurement and subcontracts and the successful execution of all activities involved in the acquisition of materials, equipment, and services for the project. SCM responsibilities include Purchasing, (Sub) Contracts, Expediting, Supplier Quality, Traffic and Logistics, and Materials Management.

Our robust supplier quality and expediting services are important to successful project execution. How we gather, implement, and analyze supplier performance data and communicate our goals and objectives to our supply chain colleagues is critical to project success. We measure how well we achieve these goals and then address gaps using a range of improvement and risk mitigation tools.

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Purchasing supports proposal, study, and front-end engineering design efforts; implements sourcing strategies, pro formas, procedures and tools; performs commercial activities related to the sourcing, award, and administration of the purchase order; and then closes out the purchase order and all deliverables upon final delivery of the material. With the dynamic nature of the market, identifying the most appropriate local, regional, or global opportunities is a priority for the Agilus team. Reviewing potential suppliers through a capability and risk assessment process is vital to determining the right supplier that would provide the low-cost solution with the certainty of quality and delivery.

(Sub) Contracts

Agilus offers versatile subcontract management capabilities. Using and leveraging our management tools, skilled contracts personnel are able to access proven processes, and integrate with construction and technical representatives. Our subcontract formation and administration practices provide quality services, competitive pricing, safe performance, risk management and schedule adherence.

Agilus is uniquely skilled at accommodating and managing the contract services required to be performed on projects. Using our contract formation and administration expertise, we effectively manage contractors both on behalf of the customer as a Project Manager, and directly for ourselves with subcontractors, where Agilus has subcontracted a portion of its total scope of work.


Our primary goal in Expediting is to ensure that materials and equipment delivered by our suppliers and their sub-suppliers follow Purchase Order (PO) delivery requirements. Expediting is also responsible for the timely receipt of drawings and submittals and subsequent review by engineering and timely return to supplier.

Supplier Quality

The goal of our Supplier Quality at Agilus is to make sure that the materials and equipment delivered by suppliers follow Purchase Order (PO) specifications and meet industry quality standards. Supplier Quality is responsible for performing shop surveys; collaborating with Engineering from the bid proposal stage through project execution stage on surveillance planning activities, including assignment criticality levels; and developing and overseeing Quality Surveillance Plans (QSPs).

Traffic and Logistics (T&L)

Our success in supporting your engineering and procurement needs is supported by our comprehensive experience in project Logistics management. Traffic and Logistics excellence is a core competence and business imperative toward continuing our success in delivering your projects on time. T&L contributes to our competitive advantage by ensuring that project equipment predictably arrives safely, when and where required, and at the right price.

T&L delivers significant value through its mission of cost reduction, ensuring on-time damage-free delivery at destination, and by mitigating risk to ensure your local project success.

Materials Management

Materials Management manages the cradle-to-grave material handling, storage, or preservation process that supports projects of any size or scope. It entails effective management of the work involved in the definition, acquisition, and distribution of the proper quality and quantity of materials in support of project budgets and schedules.

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